3D Printing: Prototype Mould Production

3D printed sand casting pattern

3D printed prototype pattern for a ventilation system component to be cast in LG4 Leaded Gunmetal

Green sand casting relies on the production of a pattern which is used to create a mould. The casting process itself is reasonably straight-forward but fabricating the patterns is often difficult and carried out by highly skilled patternmakers which is time-consuming and expensive. Prototyping of the cast component is required to ensure final dimensions are achieved and casting defects are eliminated.

NovaCast is at the forefront of the metal casting industry in employing 3D printing in the production of prototype patterns in its non-ferrous sand casting process. The technology has emerged as a significant additive manufacturing process in recent years, particularly in rapid prototyping and short-run production of complex geometric shapes.

NovaCast uses the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process, which integrates seamlessly with its 3D Modelling and Casting Simulation software to produce a loose pattern for prototyping of cast components. Employing the latest technology in this way allows NovaCast to reduce both costs and lead times.

3D Printed Prototype: Bike-share locking mechanism 1

3D Printed Prototype: Bike-share locking mechanism 2

3D Printed Prototype: Bike-share locking mechanism 3


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