Make it NET ZERO Carbon Report

NovaCast has been working with SWMAS consultants to calculate a verified carbon footprint through the Make it zero programme with the objective of implementing positive improvements to help work towards its net zero goals.

It was agreed that SWMAS would support NovaCast in reviewing its scope 1 and 2 measurements for the baseline year, and create a full report in respect of Scope 1 and 2. It was also agreed to review the data that has been collected in relation to achieving a total footprint, including the 15 categories within scope 3.

Your can view the full Make it NET ZERO Carbon Report here.

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NovaCast Make it NET ZERO Certificate

Drivers for Net Zero

Sustainability plays a firm role within the company’s strategy. NovaCast has engaged with EcoVadis, the worlds largest and most trusted provider of sustainability ratings. The business is currently rated by EcoVadis as Silver. Novacast also reports its scope 1, 2 and some scope 3 greenhouse emissions to the carbon disclosure project under the GHG protocol.

Report Summary

  • With measurements taken since 2019 the business continues to improve in respect to its carbon reduction activity.
  • The move to a 100% green energy tariff will remove in the region of 16741.29 kgCo2e of carbon generated when compared to the baseline year.
  • Medium and long term goals to move to electrical self-generation through the introduction of PV solar technology. With the first project expected in 2024 for the main office unit.
  • Alternative fuel and technologies for casting operations should be looked at. Including the potential to replace gas oil with a green alternative fuel such as HVO.