Pressure Die Casting

NovaCast pressure die casting services produce geometrically complex castings, primarily from non-ferrous alloys such as aluminium and zinc. The production process allows thin walls to be created within castings that are strong and have excellent surface finishes. NovaCast pressure die castings are used to produce a variety of components including pump housings and valve components.

Compare Gravity & Pressure Die Casting

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Why use NovaCast Pressure Die Casting?

Pressure die casting delivers many benefits including:

0.96kg Pressure Die Cast Connecting Bracket cast in A380 Aluminium Alloy and painted

  • The capability of casting large quantities
  • The ability to cast complex shapes quickly and accurately
  • Castings are high strength
  • Surface finishes can be exceptionally good
  • Production rates are rapid
  • Production lines are not labour intensive
  • Scrap metal can be recycled

Limitations of the process:

There are some disadvantages to this process including:

  • The need to trim components
  • Equipment and tooling costs are high
  • Die life is limited
  • Lead times to set up production can be long

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