Harsh Environments Castings

NovaCast has been providing harsh environment castings to the Offshore Petrochemical Industry for many years. As specialists in producing castings for safety-critical applications, NovaCast has manufactured components for products ranging from safety relief valves and explosion-proof enclosures to fracking pumps and safety couplings in Bronze and Aluminium. Our harsh environment credentials extent to castings for use in the nuclear and shipping/marine industries.

NovaCast operates a Quality Management System in accordance with its ISO9001:2008 certification and tests to international or customer specified standards, using a wide variety of mechanical, chemical and NDT techniques, including X-Ray, Ultrasound, Dye Penetration, Pressure testing and many others. Find out more about our Quality Assurance procedures here.



To discuss your requirements, call a member of NovaCast’s team on +44 (0) 1225 707466, send us a message here or email sales@novacast.co.uk.