UK Foundry

NovaCast is based in Melksham, Wiltshire, and operates from two sites. The main foundry is focused on producing high quality non-ferrous castings, using a variety of sand casting techniques (resin bonded, greensand and petro bonded sand), as well as gravity die casting. The foundry has built an excellent reputation both for the quality and consistency of the castings it produces but also for the attention to detail and customer service that has been at the heart of the business since it was was established in 1979. 

The concentration of skills in this facility provides high levels of production flexibility. We use it for short production runs as well as highly complex or technically challenging non-ferrous castings and for rapid prototyping prior to setting up longer-run production in the Far East. A highly skilled workforce and constant investment in people, foundry equipment and capacity, design engineering systems and QA processes has ensured that our UK foundry is well positioned to support the continuing growth of the business.

The other site consists of 16,000 square feet of warehouses, containing our heat-controlled QA, inspection and design engineering departments. We also have extensive pattern storage and stock holding facilities. The combined warehousing and QA facilities enable NovaCast to smoothly integrate production output from partner foundries in the UK and Far East. In addition, we are able to manage quality control across the whole business as well as stock holding on behalf of ongoing customers using either Kanban or Traffic Light systems.

NovaCast's UK Foundry

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