Creative solutions

Expertise and craftsmanship, built up over many years, allows NovaCast to work closely with architects, designers, artists and sculptors to create a wide variety of architectural and creative castings. These are often to highly unusual or exacting specifications. The flexibility of the Melksham Foundry and the willingness of our team to pass on their experience in casting unique items, has allowed us to turn creative visions into reality across many high profile projects.

The following are a small selection of the architectural and creative projects we have undertaken:

National Trust – Main exterior sign and window grills

The new National Trust Headquarters building in Swindon is a high profile project that needed to run in accordance with the main contractor’s schedule. NovaCast was commissioned to cast the main, free-standing exterior building sign and several hundred window panels in two different sizes 1.20m x 1.2m and 2.4m x 1.2m. The castings were produced on time to coincide with the building contractors timing requirements and were fitted without any problems.

National-Trust-05  National-Trust-03  National-Trust-06

National-Trust-02  NAT132_N17 - Copy  Architectural - Cropped

Kew Gardens – Bronze Tree (Rhizotron)

NovaCast operates its business in the most environmentally conscious way it can so it was a particular pleasure to be involved in a project aimed at educating visitors to Kew Gardens in London about environmental issues. The project was to cast a large number of separate Bronze elements (trunk, branches, twigs, roots) that fit together to create a stunning Bronze tree. The root system included working animations of the wildlife that can be found there. In addition, Bronze plaques were cast for a tree-top walkway to illustrate and explain interesting facts about the tree-top eco-system.

Kew-5-Bronze-Tree  Kew-3-Trees-grow  Kew-2

Kew-1  Kew-4-tree-walkway

Jigsaw – Aluminium shop fittings

This was a demanding project to supply fully finished shop fittings in a very tight delivery schedule.  This project created many manufacturing challenges.  The castings had to be functional, but at the same time eye catching for all the right reasons with the various polished and painted finishes having consistent quality.  All items needed to be matched and fully finished to a strict time scale to meet a fixed slot for installation in the shops.

Jigsaw-4  Jigsaw-3  Jigsaw-1


Leicester Square Benches

We worked closely with the designers to manufacture an eye-catching set of seat ends to be positioned within Leicester Square in London. The finished bench ends were polished to a mirror finish – the challenge for NovaCast was to make the parts with minimal surface impurities, this meant no brazing or reworking at all, and with minimal wall thickness to achieve the lightest weight possible. This was an unusual and enjoyable project to work on that was completed successfully within the specified time-frame.

Leicester-seating-1  Leicester-seating-6  Leicester-seating-5

Leicester-seating-3  Leicester-seating-4


St.Giles Traditional Weather Vanes

St Giles Traditional Weather Vanes are hand made at our Melksham Foundry using light, corrosion resistant cast aluminium. Traditional and contemporary weather vane designs are available in traditional black or beautiful hand painted enamel finishes. The complete assembly includes Vane Head, Main Assembly and Mounting Bracket. The unique, modular design allows flexibility and ease of mounting with a choice of brackets to suit any installation. For more information visit the St. Giles Traditional Weather Vanes website.

shire-plough-black cockerel-painted shepherd-painted

black-dog-pheasant-painted witch-blue main-assembly

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