Precision Machining

NovaCast can provide castings raw, with proof-machining or full precision machining as required, in both its UK machine shops or those operated by partner foundries in the Far East. Quality assurance and testing is provided in the UK. Options include turning, milling, grinding and drilling with final inspection once machining operations are complete and all machining is carried out in ISO9001:2015 accredited machine shops.

Sand Cast Crankshaft cast in Spheroidal Graphite SG600/3


Precision turning services deliver axi-symmetric components which typically include features such as holes, grooves, threads, tapers, diameter steps and contoured surfaces.


NovaCast can provide high volume milling services for components that are typically not axially symmetric and which require holes, slots, pockets and three dimensional surface contours.


Grinding is generally used to create a precision flat surface, using an abrasive grinding wheel to remove material and produce a smooth surface.


NovaCast can provide a variety of drilling operations, depending on the project requirements. As with all machining processes, expertise is needed to avoid adversely affecting the mechanical properties of the component.

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