Reverse Engineering

There are many reasons why a component may need to be reverse engineered. Unfortunately, in the modern world, foundries like NovaCast are often asked to take on castings where the original foundry has ceased trading and left a customer with a hole in its supply chain. Sometimes, the reverse engineering requirement is to take the existing physical dimensions of a component to then modify it to reduce weight, increase strength, etc.

Whatever the reason, NovaCast is able to replicate existing cast components using a variety of techniques from basic measuring and working up CAD files for basic geometries, to 3D scanning of complex components.

Fabrications to Castings

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3D scanning and measurement can, however, only replicate the surface features of a component. For some, this may be all that is required but many complex components also have internal structures and elements that are integral to the function of the component. In this case, more advanced scanning techniques, such as X-Ray or other forms of penetrative radiation, are required if the component cannot be dis-assembled.

Whatever your requirement, the starting point is to contact our design engineering team to discuss the options available to you.

To discuss your requirements, call a member of NovaCast’s team on +44 (0) 1225 707466, send us a message here or email