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Liquid Dye Penetrant Testing
NovaCast is committed to using renewable energy

Why quantifying progress is essential for a sustainable future

During recent years there has been an ever-growing awareness of the impact that our activities have on the world we live in. Whatever your perspective on the causes of global warming, it is a matter of fact that most of us in the developed world cause harm to our environment through the products we consume,  … Read more

The Casting Design Development Process

In this article we run through a typical casting design process to highlight the importance of co-operation at an early stage between designer and foundry. A typical experience based on an iterative design process might be as follows. The role of the design engineers The product design engineer will design casting geometry based on the  … Read more

A successful foundry is about so much more than just casting metal

As any buyer of castings will surely understand, there are hundreds of foundries around the world who could cast their component. The complexity of the geometry or the need to use a special alloy may limit that number somewhat, and demand and supply will dictate prices and lead times, but they will still have plenty  … Read more

NovaCast Pressure Die Casting

The Difference Between Gravity, Low and High Pressure Die Casting

Die casting is one of the most widely used casting processes but there are significant differences between Gravity Die Casting (GDC), Low Pressure Die Casting (LPDC), and High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC). Each are casting processes offered by NovaCast, so we are well placed to explain the differences and discuss the selection criteria. Getting metal  … Read more

NovaCast apprenticeships

The Leaders Council forum: Workforce Of The Future

On the 4th April 2023, a small group of business leaders, including Richard Phillips, MD at NovaCast, met at the Caledonian Club in London. The forum was convened by The Leaders Council to discuss how the workforce has changed over the past few years and the resultant opportunities and challenges. There was a specific emphasis  … Read more

Choosing the right metal casting process

Selecting the right casting process for making a metal component is an important consideration at the early stages of product design. NovaCast has produced a guide that aims to highlight the considerations, and emphasise the importance of working closely with your foundry’s design engineering team.

Metal shrinkage in castings and why it matters

Within this article, we take a look at one of the issues within metal casting that is critical to get right but challenging to understand, even for those within the industry…

22 March is World Water Day

Every year since 1993, World Water Day (22 March) raises awareness and inspires action to tackle the water and sanitation crisis.  It is about taking action to tackle the global water crisis of the 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water. It is a United Nations observance coordinated by UN-Water. You can find  … Read more