NovaCast 3D Laser scanner

NovaCast invests in its reverse engineering capability with EinScan HX

The ability to accurately reverse engineer existing castings is essential to any modern foundry. Reverse engineering could be required for a variety of reasons ranging from replication of an old casting where original patterns have been lost to improving mechanical performance or learning from an existing design to replicate or improve it. Whatever the reason,  … Read more

NovaCast: Facing the challenges of a sustainable future

When Richard Phillips took over as owner and Managing Director of NovaCast Limited, based in Melksham, UK, he did so with a commitment that the business would move towards a sustainable future. Richard felt that as both owner and Managing Director, he had a responsibility to consider the company’s impact on the environment and to  … Read more

Richard Phillips MD at NovaCast

NovaCast announces the appointment of Richard Phillips as Managing Director

A new era begins at NovaCast Originally set up in 1976 by Barry Hayward, NovaCast has evolved from a small non-ferrous foundry, serving the UK market, into a substantial international business. Today, NovaCast has customers worldwide and a supply chain that encompasses partner foundries in the Far East. This broadening and deepening of its capabilities  … Read more

NovaCast supports Wiltshire Air Ambulance Night Vision Goggles Campaign

NovaCast has been a keen financial supporter of Wiltshire Air Ambulance for several years now through monthly donations and fund-raising events organised by Directors and employees. In addition to understandably high regular running costs, Wiltshire Air Ambulance requests support for specific projects that are essential to the continued operation of this life-saving service. The current  … Read more

NovaCast Donates a further $1,000 to the Planet Water Foundation

NovaCast has demonstrated its continuing commitment to supporting causes that enhance quality of life in communities around the world, particularly those where interventions can save lives. Having long been a supporter of Xylem Watermark, NovaCast has just made a further donation of $1,000 to the Planet Water Foundation, one of their partner non-profit organisations. The Planet  … Read more

Castings for healthcare

A global response to a global pandemic

The global pandemic has presented manufacturing and logistical issues for companies all over the world. For NovaCast, the challenge has been to maintain the supply of componentsto critical industries at a time when its own supply chains have been under pressure. Every part of our supply chain had to perform to support an Australian manufacturer  … Read more

NovaCast invests in Synchro ERP system

As part of its ongoing programme of investment, expansion, and modernisation, NovaCast has just upgraded its business management software to Synchro ERP. Synchro is a fully integrated, flexible, and robust software suite developed specifically for foundries. For NovaCast, it was important to find an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that was capable of adaptation to  … Read more

NovaCast: A single-source solution for both ferrous and non-ferrous castings

As any Design Engineer involved in the design for cast metal components will know, the selection of the metal alloy and casting process they will specify can be a complex process. Ultimately, for the Design Engineer, the specification must take account of parameters such as weight, yield strength, toughness, ductility, weldability, elasticity, shear, and thermal  … Read more

Scrap Metal Recycling

How the metal industries can play their part in a sustainable future

It has always been widely understood that scrap metal has economic value. With ever greater focus on recycling and reducing the strain we put on our natural resources, there is also a growing appreciation of the environmental benefits metal recycling can deliver. Metals have been worked for jewellery and tools since pre-historic times and over  … Read more

NovaCast shows the way to a greener, more sustainable industry

Over the years the metal casting industry has acquired a reputation as one of the worst in terms of environmental impact, largely due to traditional production practices with high energy usage going in and highly toxic emissions coming out. Add to this the massive energy demands for the extraction and production of raw metals, such  … Read more