What is Shell Mould Casting?

At NovaCast, we offer a wide range of casting process options as each have strengths and weaknesses that make them suited to certain applications and alloy choices. Shell Mould Casting is a metal casting process similar to sand casting, in that molten metal is poured into an expendable sand-based mould. However, in Shell Mould Casting,  … Read more

Types of shrinkage inherent in the casting process

We often say that casting molten metal is like handling a living thing. Understanding how different alloys will react to different casting processes, component geometry, running systems, temperatures, etc. is part of the art of the foundry engineer. In recent years, the wealth of experience built up at the NovaCast Foundry has been enhanced by  … Read more

Engagement with Xylem’s VA/VE Programme delivers improved castings

  Xylem, one of the leading global water technology companies, is committed to an ongoing process of product improvement and cost reduction. It does this, in part, through a Value Assessment and Value Engineering (VA/VE) programme in which it challenges its international supply chain to refine and improve every aspect of what they deliver. As one of Xylem’s  … Read more

NovaCast Donates $2,000 to the Planet Water Foundation

  NovaCast is committed to supporting causes that enhance quality of life in communities around the world, particularly those where interventions can save lives. Having long been a supporter of Xylem Watermark, NovaCast has recently donated $2,000 to the Planet Water Foundation, one of their partner non-profit organisations. The Planet Water Foundation is a US  … Read more

NovaCast Invited to Join Wiltshire Air Ambulance 100 Club

In recognition of its ongoing support for Wiltshire Air Ambulance, NovaCast has been invited to become an honorary member of the 100 Club, the elite club for businesses pledging larger sums. In addition to the monthly contribution by NovaCast, staff members, led by Sales Director Richard Phillips, have already completed sponsored events to raise money for  … Read more

Non-Destructive Testing of Cast Components

The production of high-quality castings has always been a mix of sound design, technical knowledge and the foundryman’s experience in handling and managing each stage in the casting process. More recent innovations, such as casting simulation software and 3D modelling, have helped to reduce casting defects by improving both product and gating system design. Dealing  … Read more

Casting Process Simulation Complements Traditional Foundry Expertise

Casting process simulation is used by NovaCast to develop comprehensive modelling of the intended production process to determine the size and shape of sprues, runners, gates, and risers. One of the main benefits of these systems is that they make it possible for us to quickly identify areas within the casting geometry that could give  … Read more

The case for Sand Casting

Sand Casting has been a key process in manufacturing for thousands of years and still accounts for approximately 70% of all castings. Whether Sand Casting is the best option for the production of a particular component will be dictated by considerations such as the required geometry, performance, alloy choice, production run, tolerance within specification and  … Read more

The case for Gravity Die Casting

There are many different casting processes and each has its place. The inherent characteristics of each make them ideal for a particular component geometry, performance requirement, alloy choice, production run or tolerance within specification. Gravity die or permanent mould castings use a Cast Iron or Steel mould consisting of at least two parts. The most  … Read more