Global Outsourcing

Supporting global supply chains

NovaCast is a business with a global outlook. With customers across the UK, in the USA, Canada, the Middle East and throughout the EU, we recognised many years ago that in order to compete globally and support our international customers we needed to set up outsourced production capabilities. This allowed us to offer highly competitive solutions across a much wider range of casting processes and alloys. This decision enabled us to thrive in highly competitive markets, such as cast stainless steel, where we are now able to provide outstanding quality and long production runs. Understandably, our customers wanted to take advantage of lower production costs in the Far East while having the peace of mind that dealing with a trusted UK foundry could provide.

A fully risk-managed supply chain

Today, NovaCast has a fully risk-managed supply chain that encompasses some of the best foundry and machining facilities in the Far East. The total supply chain is controlled from the UK and all castings pass through the UK facility for quality assurance and testing using in-house Coordinate Measuring Equipment (CMM). Independent test bodies check material composition and hardness prior to delivery where this is required. There is never any compromise on quality. Customers benefit from many years of hands-on foundry experience as NovaCast project manages every aspect of production, logistics and the QA process.

The best of both worlds

Access to specialist casting and machining expertise, combined with the flexibility of the UK foundry, has allowed NovaCast to build a reputation for reliability, technical excellence and competitiveness. This is applied across many industries but particularly in the supply of stainless steel valve and pump components, pressure tight castings, fully machined and balanced impellers, and complex non-ferrous castings.

UK stock holding maximises outsourcing benefits

Extensive UK warehousing facilities and a solid financial structure allows NovaCast to offer well established customers a stock storage option. This creates a smooth supply chain, reduces order lead times and allows customers to significantly reduce manufacturing costs.

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