Stock Holding

NovaCast quality checking at the foundryIn today’s globalised markets where castings could be sourced locally or from half way across the world, supply chain management has become a critical part of NovaCast’s relationship with its customers. Extensive warehousing integrated with QA and inspection facilities, and robust finances allow NovaCast to work with its established customers to ensure continuity of supply and greatly reduced lead times.

Completing the chain

Supply chain management is a particular strength at NovaCast and delivers considerable benefits to customers. With an established supply chain that extends across the World, NovaCast’s customers benefit from the most competitive production costs combined with UK project management and quality control.

All of this is undermined, however, if lead times are too long or logistics delays hold up the rest of the manufacturing process. So, for many years, NovaCast has provided its customers with a stock holding facility that smooths out fluctuations in customer demand, improves customer cash-flow and reduces lead times considerably. Supply systems can be tailored to meet customer requirements and both Kanban and Traffic Light systems are employed to ensure continuity of supply.

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