Engagement with Xylem’s VA/VE Programme delivers improved castings

Casting produced by NovaCast for Xylem
Original Xylem Casting Design


Xylem, one of the leading global water technology companies, is committed to an ongoing process of product improvement and cost reduction. It does this, in part, through a Value Assessment and Value Engineering (VA/VE) programme in which it challenges its international supply chain to refine and improve every aspect of what they deliver. As one of Xylem’s key suppliers of cast components, including pump bodies and impellers in Cast Iron and Stainless Steel, NovaCast has engaged in the process enthusiastically as it provides an opportunity to further strengthen its relationship with this important customer.

As Richard Phillips, Sales Director at NovaCast explains, this turned out to be a very positive experience: “This process has been complex and time consuming but it has produced tangible results that are delivering ongoing savings and product improvements for Xylem. For us, it’s rewarding because we can really demonstrate the expertise we have and further cement an important ongoing relationship between our companies.”

Modified casting design that saves 1.4kg when cast in Stainless Steel

Download our case study “NovaCast engages with Xylem VA/VE programme to improve castings” to find more detail about the process, challenges and results.

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