NovaCast announces the appointment of Richard Phillips as Managing Director

Richard Phillips MD at NovaCast
Richard Phillips, Managing Director at NovaCast

A new era begins at NovaCast

Originally set up in 1976 by Barry Hayward, NovaCast has evolved from a small non-ferrous foundry, serving the UK market, into a substantial international business. Today, NovaCast has customers worldwide and a supply chain that encompasses partner foundries in the Far East. This broadening and deepening of its capabilities allows NovaCast to offer castings in both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys using many different casting processes.

Much of the impetus for this expansion came from Richard Phillips, who joined NovaCast in 1983 as a moulder. In his role as Director for 22 years, Richard forged relationships with some of the largest castings buyers in the world and set about modernising both the infrastructure and the business philosophy. In Richard’s words, “It was essential that we looked to the future and set the business up with the supply chains, technology and personnel that would allow us to thrive in an increasingly competitive and difficult environment for UK-based foundries.”

3 years ago, Barry Hayward started the process of withdrawing from the day-to-day management of the business as he neared retirement and Richard Phillips took greater responsibility and ownership of the business. In March 2022, Richard Phillips completed the acquisition of the business and formally took on the role of Managing Director.

Preparing for the future by building on the past

In his drive to modernise the business, Richard Phillips has overseen the introduction of cutting-edge technologies, such as 3D modelling, casting simulation software and 3D printing of prototype moulds. He has also set up and encouraged the growth of a design engineering department that has revolutionised the way the business engages with its customers – adding value to projects and fully engaging in all aspects of project management throughout the manufacturing process. All of this is built on a sound reputation for quality and reliability that has seen long-standing and prestigious international customers grow their reliance on NovaCast.

Having assumed complete control of the business, Richard Phillips has been able to implement his vision for the business; reorganising it and transforming it into a modern organisation set up to meet the ever more exacting demands of its customers.

Nothing ever stands still, however, and NovaCast continues to expand its capabilities with the addition of new staff members and the establishment of a presence in China to manage the increasingly close relationship with its far-eastern partner foundries. Having a highly experienced representative on the ground in China is already delivering tangible results in terms of pricing, logistics and quality control to NovaCast’s international customer base.

A final word from Richard Phillips

“I am delighted to have completed the acquisition of a company that has been my home for over 40 years. The passion and enthusiasm I have felt for this business has allowed me to fully commit to its expansion and further development. I truly believe that with the fantastic team I now have around me, the loyalty of our customers, and the plan we have in place, this business has an incredibly exciting future.”

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