Choosing the right metal casting process

View or download “Choosing the right metal casting process” guide.

Selecting the right manufacturing process for making a component is an important consideration at the early stages of product design. Studies have revealed that although the cost of product design is on average only around 5% of the total product cost, decisions made during the design stage affect 70 to 80 % of the final product cost. Making those early decisions, however, can be a complex and challenging task. In metal casting, for example, Design Engineers have a bewildering range of casting process options, each one exhibiting strengths and weaknesses that make them more or less suitable for the manufacture of a specific component.

To help design engineers and product designers familiarise themselves with the complexities inherent in this decision-making process, we have produced a guide that aims to highlight the considerations, and emphasise the importance of working closely with your foundry’s design engineering team. You can download our “Choosing the right metal casting process” guide here.

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