New Casting Process Data Sheets

Following the recent re-launch of our website, we have continued to add new content and I wanted to point you in the direction of our data sheets. We now have over 30 on the site covering the technical specifications of all the main alloys that we cast. We have also recently added data sheets for...

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Choosing the right metal casting process

Selecting the right casting process for making a metal component is an important consideration at the early stages of product design. NovaCast has produced a guide that aims to highlight the considerations, and emphasise the importance of working closely with your foundry's design engineering team.

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The Investment Casting Process

The investment casting process is named after the process of ‘investing’ or surrounding the pattern with refractory material. The pattern itself is made of wax, so the process is also known as ‘lost wax casting’. The investment casting process has been used for many thousands of years to produce idols, ornaments, and Jewellery. It became...

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The differences between Lost Foam Casting and Lost Wax Casting

In many respects, the process involved in these two investment casting methods is similar. In both cases, a sacrificial pattern is made. In lost wax casting, this is made from a tooled mould and in lost foam casting, it may be made from a mould or carved from a solid block of foam material. A...

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