Bringing a piece of British motoring heritage back to life

In the early 1900’s, British car manufacturers were at the forefront of motor vehicle development. The Vulcan Motor company, based in Southport, England, was one such innovator that produced cars from 1902 until the late 1920s. Today, early examples of Vulcan cars are extremely rare collectors’ items. NovaCast was approached by a specialist engineering company  … Read more

3D Scanning Software - NovaCast

Use of 3D scanning for reverse engineering and quality control

Over recent years, design engineering departments within foundries, such as NovaCast in the UK, have increasingly become the home to various digital technologies ranging from CAD systems, 3D modelling and casting simulation to 3D printing. We take a closer look at the latest addition to the digital revolution; 3D scanning technology introduced at NovaCast’s Melksham  … Read more

NovaCast 3D Laser scanner

NovaCast invests in its reverse engineering capability with EinScan HX

The ability to accurately reverse engineer existing castings is essential to any modern foundry. Reverse engineering could be required for a variety of reasons ranging from replication of an old casting where original patterns have been lost to improving mechanical performance or learning from an existing design to replicate or improve it. Whatever the reason,  … Read more