The Main Alloying Elements used in Cast Stainless Steels

When considering the alloy specification for a cast Stainless Steel component, it is critical that the service environment in which the cast component will be deployed is taken into account. The chemical composition of the Stainless Steel alloy will determine its performance characteristics and suitability for each application. At NovaCast, we supply a wide variety  … Read more

Fabrication to Casting: Steam Trap re-design creates market leading solution

As specialists in the conversion of fabrications and assemblies to single cast components, NovaCast is cutting costs and improving efficiency for its customers. One such customer is EBE Engineering; manufacturers of an innovative Venturi Orifice Steam Trap. Originally a fabrication comprising a cast stainless steel body with two welded flanges; the steam trap was slow  … Read more

Specifying the right cast Steel alloy

Cast Steel has become an increasingly important part of NovaCast’s business over recent years. The combination of excellent design, project management and quality assurance skills at our UK foundry with the low-cost, high-quality, high-capacity capabilities of our Far Eastern partners has allowed us to compete for and win many prestigious cast Steel projects. Although we  … Read more