The case for Sand Casting

The Sand Casting process has been a key element in manufacturing for thousands of years and still accounts for approximately 70% of all castings. Whether Sand Casting is the best option for the production of a particular component will be dictated by considerations such as the required geometry, performance, alloy choice, production run, tolerance within  … Read more

The case for Gravity Die Casting

There are many different casting processes and each has its place. The inherent characteristics of each make them ideal for a particular component geometry, performance requirement, alloy choice, production run or tolerance within specification. Gravity die or permanent mould castings use a Cast Iron or Steel mould consisting of at least two parts. The most  … Read more

NovaCast launches new company brochure

Download the NovaCast brochure “A Single Source Solution for Precision Cast and Machined Components” for an overview of our capabilities in Sand Casting, Gravity Die Casting and Investment Casting. Optimised for viewing on digital screens, our brochure will be updated regularly as we grow into new markets and introduce new technologies to our business.

Fabrication to Casting: Steam Trap re-design creates market leading solution

As specialists in the conversion of fabrications and assemblies to single cast components, NovaCast is cutting costs and improving efficiency for its customers. One such customer is EBE Engineering; manufacturers of an innovative Venturi Orifice Steam Trap. Originally a fabrication comprising a cast stainless steel body with two welded flanges; the steam trap was slow  … Read more

NovaCast shows its support for Wiltshire Air Ambulance

As well as making a donation of £1,000 for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s Airbase Appeal, NovaCast has pledged ongoing support by making monthly donations. NovaCast’s Sales Director, Richard Phillips, said: “Even though NovaCast is a business that trades internationally, we feel that we are part of the local Melksham community and want to contribute wherever  … Read more

Specifying the right cast Steel alloy

Cast Steel has become an increasingly important part of NovaCast’s business over recent years. The combination of excellent design, project management and quality assurance skills at our UK foundry with the low-cost, high-quality, high-capacity capabilities of our Far Eastern partners has allowed us to compete for and win many prestigious cast Steel projects. Although we  … Read more

Brexit: Snakes and Ladders on an industrial scale

So here we are. Almost a year since Article 50 was invoked and the countdown to Brexit began. The political debate rumbles on and the media frenzy about the looming “cliff edge” if no deal is agreed is gathering pace. Against this backdrop it is easy to assume that the UK economy, and UK manufacturing  … Read more

Casting Design Considerations for Design Engineers

The design and manufacture of a metal component involves a multitude of decision points and will be influenced by considerations such as structural performance, weight, lead time, cost and aesthetics. It is understandable, therefore, that thoughts about how precisely that component is going to be manufactured are often left until the design is at a fairly  … Read more

NovaCast and Xylem working together