Gravity Die Cast Component Inspection

NovaCast strengthens its Gravity Casting Capability

Richard Chandler, formally Production Manager at NovaCast, is taking on a the newly created role of Technical Sales Manager at the company’s Melksham Head Office. During a difficult few years for the UK metal casting industry, NovaCast has continued to prosper, largely due to its outward-looking approach to world markets and its willingness to invest in people, technology and infrastructure within its Melksham Foundry…

Preparing Aluminium for Gravity Die Casting

Top 10 Design Tips for Problem Free Gravity Die Casting

Gravity Die Casting (also known as Permanent Mould Casting) is a repeatable process primarily used to produce medium-run, dimensionally accurate, non-ferrous castings, most often in alloys of Aluminium, Zinc and Bronze. Here are the Top 10 Tips for designing problem-free casting geometry…

NovaCast is delighted to announce that our new website is up and running

After months of hard work, our fully re-developed website is here. It’s a comprehensive information resource covering casting techniques, metal specifications and casting capacities but just as important, it is also a window on our business. It’s a way to get to know us and the way we do things both at our Melksham Foundry  … Read more

NovaCast invests in casting process simulation software

Following on from the acquisition of new 3D modelling software, and as part of our programme of continual improvement, NovaCast is investing in Click2Cast casting simulation software. The innovative and intuitive user interface will allow our engineers to identify potential casting issues, such as air entrapment, porosity and cold shuts, thanks to a simple and  … Read more

NovaCast upgrades its 3D Modelling Software

At NovaCast we are continually investing in technology that will benefit our customers and improve the service we are able to provide. Although we have worked with CAD for many years, we have recently upgraded our in-house system to SpaceClaim 3D Modelling software. This provides us a faster, more intuitive way of managing CAD files and helps us  … Read more

Sand Casting Foundry: Where tradition meets technology

Sand casting is a traditional process dating back many thousands of years, but components produced using this process are still an essential part of our lives today. In this article we outline the sand casting process as carried out in a modern sand casting foundry, where technology and tradition are combined. Although it dates back for  … Read more